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For Over 30 Years our vending machine technicians have provided dependable quality services to the Dallas Fort Worth Area.   

Common Repair Cost With Parts!

Machine Not Cooling

Getting your machine back to cooling is our mission. Many problems can cause your machine not to cool. The most common issue is Freon and the worst a bad compressor. No matter the issue our refrigeration tech will get you back up and running. 

Not Taking Money

Coins jamming frequently, machine not taking dollars, coins falling right through are common issues that can be quite frustrating. When issues are not resolve with cleaning it's time to call the pro's we can fix 99% of your problems in less than 2 hours

Buttons Not Working

Keyboard Failures happen after years of use. Certain buttons may not work or only work half the time. Selections may not vend when selected. These are just some of the tell tell signs that it is time to replace your vending machine keyboard.

Selection Not Vending

80% of the time this is a simple fix just a bad motor. From time to time the problem be something more. Our Tech will troubleshoot the selection to ensure the problem is found and repaired.

Blown Control Board

Every vendors worse dream but it does not have to be the end of world. Get an affordable replacement that will not only fix your problem but also upgrade your machine and unlock many new features.

Complete Refurbish

Bring that old machine back to life with a new look and all broken and worn out parts replace for the fraction of the cost of a new machine.  Let our experts bring your machine back to life. Price below does not include parts.

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